Wayne’s Comics Podcast #434: Interview with Philip Kosloski

In Episode 434 this week, I talk with creator Philip Kosloski from Voyage Comics about two of his current series’: Finnian and the Seven Mountains and The Mission of Joan of Arc.  The books from his company are described as “faith-filled stories that captivate, inspire, and entertain.” We discuss how both series’ came to be, explore the characters in them, and find out what we can expect from Philip in the months ahead! Here’s more about that first series: “Seeking to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of Viking marauders, a young man named Finnian leaves his monastic school in Ireland to find a legendary sword rumored to have the extraordinary power to defeat evil.” Then the second is described this way: “At age 18, Joan led the French armies into battle. She was a peasant girl who couldn’t even read, let alone fight a war. To… Source: Read More: Wayne’s Comics Podcast #434: Interview with Philip Kosloski https://forbiddenplanet.com/catalog/comics-and-graphic-novels/graphic-novels/?page=1&affid=gamerpunk&utm_medium=fp-share&utm_source=embed

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