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Soapbox: Games Are Allowing Players to Be More Expressive, And It's Ace

You’re in control.

What was the story of E3 2018 apart from cross-play and an abundance of amazing late-generation games? For me, it was player choice. This is nothing new, of course – the promise that you can “play your own way” has been a buzzword espoused by developers for eons, and it was a particularly prevalent selling-point in last year’s game of the year, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

But I feel like this kind of design philosophy is coming to the fore more, and it’s something that I personally enjoy. I’m having a wild old time with Hitman at the moment, a title that I think has been criminally overlooked on the PlayStation 4, and the way that it empowers players is impressive to say the least; huge sandbox levels become a deadly playground, and you can progress any way you like.

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