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Review: The Lost Child (PS4)

Put the kids to bed.

The first twenty minutes or so of The Lost Child set up an intriguing mystery, but once the game settles into a comfortable rhythm things become decidedly less compelling, and at times, an outright slog. The game begins in a Tokyo subway station with an investigative journalist who specialises in the occult named Hayato looking into a spate of mysterious suicides. People are throwing themselves in front of subway trains in record numbers, but are these open and shut cases of coincidental suicide, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Hayato meets a strange girl at the subway station who hands him a suitcase to look after before promptly disappearing, and after nearly finding himself the victim of another “suicide” he sets out to solve the mystery of why people are really killing themselves and to find justice for the dead. What sinister forces are lurking in the shadows of the Tokyo underground, and why are they targeting seemingly innocent and unrelated victims? Who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes, and to what end are their evil machinations working toward? Why are the character designs perilously close to NSFW territory for no discernible reason? The answers to these questions and more will be revealed across dozens of hours of investigation around contemporary Tokyo and while battling the denizens of evil with an array of supernatural skills. Well, maybe not that last question.

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