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Review: SEGA Mega Drive Classics (PS4)


SEGA Mega Drive Classics is one of those games you’ve probably already made up your mind about. The Mega Drive (or the Genesis, depending on where you are) played host to some absolute gems in the 90s, and for many, the chance to relive some fond memories on PS4 will be an attractive proposal. There are over 50 games in this retro compendium, and whether you look back fondly on SEGA’s 16-bit console or not, there’s bound to be at least a couple of games in here that anyone can enjoy.

It’s clear that the publisher has done its best to cover as wide a variety of games as possible while ensuring to hit on all the titles you’d expect. While it’s hard to argue against the inclusion of most of the games, there are a few notable omissions: OutRun, Super Hang-On, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Ecco the Dolphin, some of which featured in PS3’s collection, are all missing. Of course, everyone’s view on these games is subjective, but it’s somewhat an injustice that some of the above are excluded when three Golden Axe games made the cut.

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