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Review: Moonlighter (PS4)

Fame and fortune.

It’s pretty difficult to be original these days, and in some ways, Moonlighter could be seen as rather derivative. Rogue-lite dungeon crawling, management sims, pixel art action RPGs — we see these all the time nowadays, but this game’s trick is smashing them all together. The result is a title you’ll feel like you’ve played before, but that also feels wholly original.

Will, the proprietor of the titular retail store, longs for adventure. The village of Rynoka was formed near five mysterious dungeons, which adventurers explored and plundered for treasure and materials. These heroes would return to the settlement to rest up and to sell their wares, and it’s this heritage that Will aims to maintain. With many of the dangerous dungeons closed off and Rynoka a shadow of its former bustling self, it falls to you to bring trade, community, and life back to the village.

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