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Review: Illusion: A Tale of the Mind (PS4)


Some games, no matter how much work the devs put into them, just never come together. While some elements could be great, the overall experience just doesn’t click in any meaningful way. Illusion: A Tale of the Mind, from Canadian dev Frima, is a title that suffers from this. While its virtual reality title Fated: The Silent Oath is one of the best narrative experiences currently available on PlayStation VR, Illusion does not earn such praise.

Illusion: A Tale of the Mind is a fixed-camera puzzle game that focuses very heavily on visual puzzles, and light platforming segments. You play as Emma, a girl who wakes up in a bizarre twisted landscape, who calls upon the aid of Topsy, a stuffed rabbit, whose origins you aren’t quite sure of. The two journey through the mind of a man named Euclide, trying to figure out what’s going on in this clearly distressed man’s mind. Right off the bat, the game shows off its strongest asset; its art direction. This title has a phenomenal art style, with delightfully twisted environments fused with dark carnival attractions, Escher-esque war environments, and a fantastic marriage of wondrous whimsy and unsettling dread. These environments are interesting, disturbing, and oftentimes impressively vibrant.

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