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Review: Along Together (PS4)

Doggo hunting.

Along Together is a puzzler for PlayStation VR that tasks you with rescuing your pet dog Rishu as two different characters, either the pooch’s male or female owner and their imaginary friend. With a fair few comparisons able to be made between itself and Moss, Along Together arrives with a decent amount of promise, but is that potential realised?

Controlling either the boy or the girl is done using the left thumbstick, while the imaginary friend gets about through the use of the DualShock 4’s motion controls and light bar. Represented by a gigantic translucent hand, you’ll be able to manipulate certain objects within the environment in order to create a path for your real life character to traverse and bring them one step closer to Rishu. Taking place across three different settings, the pup definitely makes it a bit of a marathon, too.

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