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Report: Fallout 76 Is Not a Traditional Single Player Role-Playing Game

Online survival experience inspired by DayZ.

Fallout 76 was announced with a cracking trailer this week, prompting many to believe that a traditional post-apocalyptic campaign is on the way. That’s not true according to Kotaku, who spoke with a trio of unnamed Bethesda employees: it’s an online survival game inspired by the likes of DayZ and ARK: Survival Evolved instead.

The ever-reliable Jason Schreier reports that the title started life as an experimental multiplayer mode for Fallout 4, and just evolved from there. The base-building from the core game will return, and there’ll be a storyline and quests to complete. But there’ll also be survival and online mechanics added on top, with the release being designed as a “service”, so expect regular updates and content drops.

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