• PS5 Reveal Event: Sony Wants Fans to Be As Excited As if They Were in an E3 Auditorium
    “You’ll see we’ve been able to do that”.Coronavirus has put an end to the physical game events of old, meaning that Sony will showcase the PlayStation 5’s software roster during a pre-recorded livestream. The manufacturer has, historically, been known for its glitzy stage shows – and it wants to create the same levels of excitement … Read MoreRead more
  • Talking Point: Do You Agree with PS5's Approach to Generations?
    Exclusive games for new hardware.With the PlayStation 5, Sony is sticking to what it knows. Alongside the announcement of its upcoming next-gen games reveal event, boss Jim Ryan conducted an interview with Games, where he stressed that it’s “time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed … Read MoreRead more
  • Talking Point: What PS5 Games Do You Expect at Sony's Future of Gaming Reveal Event?
    Take your pick.We now know that Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5’s first selection of games on 4th June, during its Future of Gaming livestream event. Coronavirus has forced it to reveal its hand as part of a State of Play-esque broadcast, as opposed to its typical PlayStation Meeting stage show. That means that it … Read MoreRead more
  • Bluepoint on PS5 Reveal: It's Time to Leave Our Old Gaming Limitations Behind
    Souls sisters.Bluepoint Games is, technically, the only developer that Sony’s confirmed to be working on a PlayStation 5 project. In reality, we know that all of its teams will be knee-deep in next-gen development by now, but you may recall Mark Cerny revealing that the Texas team has a “big game” in the pipeline for … Read MoreRead more
  • Poll: Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for June 2020?
    Plus or minus?Well that was a bit of a wild ride, wasn’t it? First Marvel’s Spider-Man was rumoured to be a PlayStation Plus game for June, but as we warned, the speculation was based on a known PlayStation Store bug, and it came to nothing. Next, Sony actually confirmed that Call of Duty: WWII was … Read MoreRead more
  • Ghost of Tsushima's Resolve Bar Explained by Sucker Punch
    What are those little gold circles?The Ghost of Tsushima State of Play brought us a fascinating new look at the upcoming game from Sucker Punch. However, while it did provide some answers, it also raised a few questions. We saw the game’s UI for the first time, including a curious meter in the bottom left … Read MoreRead more
  • PS5 Fans Are Panicking Over Backwards Compatibility
    Again.Rumours suggest that Sony’s set to fully reveal the PlayStation 5 next week, but it’s going to need to ensure it gets its messaging right this time. Mark Cerny’s pre-recorded speech led to mass confusion earlier in the year, when he appeared to imply that only 100 PlayStation 4 titles would work on its next-gen … Read MoreRead more
  • Soapbox: Cyberpunk 2077 and the Question of Fast Travel
    It’s all about the journey.In the lead-up to Cyberpunk 2077, I’ve been revisiting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt during a quiet period in-between PlayStation 4 releases. I already played the game upon its 2015 launch, but five years later, my appreciation for CD Projekt Red’s mammoth RPG has only strengthened thanks to some truly incredible … Read MoreRead more
  • PS5 RPG Shooter Outriders Gets Brand New Gameplay
    Wanna ride?Outriders has debuted around 12 minutes of new gameplay that covers enemy types, player abilities, missions, loot, and co-op. It’s perhaps our best look yet at the RPG shooter, which is due to be a PlayStation 5 launch game later this year. It’ll also be available on PS4, but come on, we’re here for … Read MoreRead more
  • Tetris Effect's Gorgeous Soundtrack Is Available to Purchase and Stream Now
    Yours forever.Many scoffed when Tetris Effect was announced, but it turned out to be an incredible iteration of the classic falling-block puzzler. It’s a brilliant audiovisual experience whether you’re playing on PlayStation VR or your TV, and that’s in no small part thanks to the wonderful music. Each of the dreamy stages in the game … Read MoreRead more
  • Inside the creation of Tetris Effect’s original soundtrack, out today
    Today is a big day for us — as big and exciting as the day Tetris Effect was first announced on stage at the PlayStation conference at E3 2018, and even when it was released later that fall. From all of us on the Tetris Effect team: Thank you for your support, for playing the … Read MoreRead more
  • Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for June
    PS Plus members face a tough question this month: do you prefer your action to be down-to-earth, or in a galaxy far, far away? If the former, Sledgehammer Games invites you back to the dramatic backdrop of World War II as the Call of Duty series returns to its roots. If the latter, join huge … Read MoreRead more
  • Sony Bosses Want PS5 Event to Be as Professional as Possible, Multiple Shows Were Apparently Refused Earlier This Year
    Quality.At this point we all know that the coronavirus has buggered everything up for just about everyone — Sony and the games industry included. But it’s still interesting to hear that Sony had initially planned for multiple PlayStation 5 presentations earlier this year, only to have higher-ups in the company refuse them.This information comes courtesy … Read MoreRead more
  • The Last of Us 2 Has Everyone Talking About PS Vita
    Live long and prosper.When we sat down to watch this evening’s State of Play broadcast all about The Last of Us: Part II, we can’t say we were expecting to be talking about the PlayStation Vita when it was all said and done. And yet here we are with the talk of the town being … Read MoreRead more
  • Talking Point: Will You Be Buying The Last of Us 2?
    Did State of Play seal the deal?Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann has just wrapped up an all-new deep dive into upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last of Us: Part II as part of the latest State of Play livestream, Lasting roughly 25 minutes, we caught a glimpse at a new gameplay sequence as well … Read MoreRead more
  • Live: Watch The Last of Us 2 State of Play Right Here
    Give ’em Ellie.Hot on the heels of its Ghost of Tsushima livestream, Sony is returning to its State of Play broadcast format to reveal new gameplay footage from The Last of Us: Part II – and you can enjoy the entire thing live, right here. The broadcast will get underway from 1PM PDT / 4PM … Read MoreRead more
  • Atomicrops out tomorrow: 5 tips to survive the apocalypse
    Mere moments after inheriting your uncle’s farm an atomic bomb wipes out all civilization except your irradiated farm. If you’re going to survive this you’re going to have to be prepared to get your hands dirty. To celebrate the launch of Atomicrops we wanted to welcome you to the new world with a few handy … Read MoreRead more
  • PlayStation Store Double Discounts Sale Has Tempting PS4 Game Deals
    Shenmue! Batman! Yakuza!Sony’s Days of Play physical sales might have already kicked off recently, with digital deals set to join them next week, but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese giant from adding yet another enticing selection of discounts to the PlayStation Store. Double Discounts is back yet again, which means that PlayStation Plus subscribers can … Read MoreRead more
  • Rumour: Second June 2020 PS Plus PS4 Game Leaked Early
    Feel the Force.We already know that Call of Duty: WWII is part of the PlayStation Plus lineup of free PlayStation 4 games for the month of June 2020. In fact, you can download it right now. However, what will be the second game users get as part of their active subscription? Well, it’s looking very … Read MoreRead more
  • PlayStation Store’s Double Discounts promotion starts today
    The Double Discounts promotion begins on PlayStation Store today! “What exactly is Double Discounts?”, you ask. It’s a fair question, with a fairly simple answer. A range of PS4 games are now on sale for a limited time. However, the percentage saving on each title is doubled if you’re a PS Plus member. So let’s … Read MoreRead more
  • Silent Hill PS5 Rumours Gain Weight with Pyramid Head's Arrival in Dead by Daylight
    Talk about timing.Well, things just got a lot more interesting on the Silent Hill front. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 and Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3 form the latest addition to PlayStation 4 title Dead by Daylight along with a new map named Midwich High School. That’s really cool and all, but the … Read MoreRead more
  • Play Competitive Games and Win Prizes with Sony's PS4 Tournaments: Open Series
    Get your game face on.Sony is bringing back its official PS4 Tournaments, allowing all PlayStation 4 owners to get in on some competitive gaming. After the Challenger Series last year, the platform holder is hosting the Open Series, involving more varied games and with more incentives to get involved.As detailed over on the PlayStation Blog, … Read MoreRead more
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath, Minecraft Dungeons headline this week’s PlayStation Store releases
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  • Dutch arrives In Predator: Hunting Grounds
    We don’t know about you, but that was the longest two weeks from announcing to playing new game content for us. We are so excited the day is here and you get to experience Dutch’s story now with us with the free update. When we were looking to add Dutch into the game it wasn’t … Read MoreRead more
  • New online PvP shooter Warface: Breakout launches today on PS4
    Everyone at MY.GAMES is extremely excited to announce our next game. Warface: Breakout is a tactical online FPS that returns the competitive shooter experience to its roots, and it’s available today on PlayStation 4 — surprise! A new standalone entry in the Warface franchise, Warface: Breakout is brimming with fresh yet famil-iar FPS action. Drawing … Read MoreRead more
  • Competition continues with PS4 Tournaments: Open Series
    Since introducing PlayStation 4 Tournaments: Challenger Series last summer, we’ve seen an amazing response from fans competing for prizes and glory. Today, we are excited to announce that we will be offering a new online series based on your feedback, which features weekly qualifiers, a reward just for participating in a tournament and chances to … Read MoreRead more
  • Guide: Days of Play PS4 Sale – All Discounts on PS4 Games, PS Plus, PSVR, and More
    All Days of Play offers so far.Days of Play is back. Sony recently announced the annual PlayStation sale would be returning, and the time has come for the huge sale to get started. It’s underway right now, so let’s go through all you need to know — plus a look at all the deals we’ve … Read MoreRead more
  • Guide: When Is The Last of Us 2 State of Play Livestream?
    What time is the next State of Play?State of Play is Sony’s regularly scheduled, Nintendo Direct-inspired livestream show, which the platform holder’s committed to being a recurring event. At the time of writing, there have been five instalments of the pre-recorded broadcast, so when will the next Sony PlayStation State of Play livestream air? We’ve … Read MoreRead more
  • Guide: All Upcoming PS5, PS4 Events, Livestreams, and Press Conferences
    Don’t miss a thing.With coronavirus throwing the industry for a loop, the concentrated summer news blast of E3 2020 is being spread across dozens of different events, livestreams, and press conferences – and, honestly, it can be difficult to keep up. We’ll be compiling every meaningful date in this article, so bookmark it and you … Read MoreRead more
  • State of Play Livestream Coming This Wednesday, The Last of Us 2 Deep Dive
    Another one.Good lord, Sony is bringing the goods today! It has now confirmed that State of Play will be making an immediate return after providing a recent deep dive into Ghost of Tsushima. It’ll be doing exactly the same for The Last of Us: Part II this coming Wednesday at 9pm BST/1pm PT.The tweet confirms … Read MoreRead more