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Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)

Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)

The First Book in the USA Today Bestselling Series

Sasha has been different her whole life. She sees things in the shadows that no one else can see. But it isn’t until a mishap on the wrong side of town that she meets him.

The Boss.

A powerful, primal being that enforces his own set of rules. Scorching hot and wickedly deadly, he takes what he wants. And he wants her.

As a new world unfolds around her, Sasha discovers that not all secrets stick to the shadows. The Boss has brought out a magic in her that is centuries lost, and greatly needed.

Her struggle isn’t just to stay alive. It’s also against her desire to flirt with danger.

***Warning: 18+ for graphic sexual situations and darker themes. Read the reviews. This book might not be for you. The “vampires” do not follow societal rules or have any love for humans. It shows. While that will be addressed and their culture changed in later books, be prepared for the ride.