Inside the making of Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol

Sometimes, in order to move forward, one must move back. To break a stalemate amongst its board members, the Corpus, the money-loving, cult-like enemy faction at the heart of upcoming The Deadlock Protocol, does just this — it resurrects the past. In a sense, that’s what we’re doing too. Very shortly, we will deliver a rigorously remastered, re-imagined update with The Deadlock Protocol, the earliest tileset in Warframe. Delving into the Corpus Faction content, originally introduced in 2013, we have refreshed everything from graphics, story, gameplay and presentation for players in 2020. This isn’t just a visual overhaul, the layers of redesign, modernization, and tuning run deep. To provide insight into the remaster’s design, functionality and fun, long-time dev-team Producer Dave Kudirka and Environment Art Director Mat Tremblay have opened up to offer insight into what makes this update tick, and why. What makes The Deadlock Protocol different than other… Source: Read More: Inside the making of Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol

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