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Guide: Detroit: Become Human – How Many Endings Are There?

How do you get all conclusions?

Detroit: Become Human has more endings than previous Quantic Dream games. There are a staggering number of permutations to the way this story can conclude, ranging from the colour of a particular character’s hair to the clothes they’re wearing to whether they even make it out alive. As such, we’re not even going to attempt to put a total on how many endings there are in Detroit: Become Human. Instead, we’re going to write a rough guide explaining all of the possible permutations for each of the title’s three main characters.

How Many Endings Are There in Detroit: Become Human?

It’s hard to say exactly how many endings there are in Detroit: Become Human because there are so many variables to consider. Quantic Dream probably has a firm number behind closed doors, but instead we’re going to walkthough the various likely outcomes for all of the main characters – and share a rough guide on how to unlock them.

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